Mission Statement

The Falmouth Chamber Players Orchestra is an amateur orchestra in the Town of Falmouth, Cape Cod, Massachusetts (USA), comprised of proficient musicians who are dedicated to the playing and performance of classical instrumental music, with an emphasis on historical chamber and orchestral works from the Baroque through the Romantic periods.

The Falmouth Chamber Players Orchestra is committed to providing culturally enriching musical experiences for audiences and orchestra members by:

  • Presenting the highest quality performances possible for this level orchestra, at a reasonable cost to the public
  • Attracting, as members, proficient adult and student instrumentalists from the local communities
  • Ongoing development of individual and ensemble musicianship
  • Advancing the art and appreciation of chamber and orchestral music through study and performance of works by the great composers
  • Conducting the business of orchestra management with fiscal integrity


In the past, Falmouth had little in the way of a classical orchestral playing experience available for amateurs. Joyce Gindra, Fritz Sonnichsen, and Laura Tutino Sonnichsen had been running their own smaller ensembles, however, and they concluded that a full orchestra would make a broader range of repertoire accessible. They collaborated with each other to start a classical orchestra and called a meeting of the members of their ensembles.

After the meeting in April 2008, Falmouth Chamber Players Orchestra was founded as a classical, instrumental, chamber orchestra. John Yankee attended the meeting and became the orchestra’s conductor and music director.

Board of Directors

The primary function of the board is to ensure adherence to the mission of the orchestra, and this is the main criterion for admission to the board. It is also the responsibility of the board to supplement any financial shortfalls at the end of the season. The board manages all of the orchestra operations from setting up chairs to negotiating venue rentals, music procurement, fundraising, advertising, and many more functions. This is the structure of the board as of March 2023:

Melanie Hayn, President
Liz Maloney, Treasurer
Fritz Sonnichsen
Laura Sonnichsen
Lorrie Hassan
Larry Budnick
Eve Budnick

April 2022 – Photo credit Dorene Sykes